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wine stained carpet

All I want for Christmas is a stain-free carpet!

Monopoly - love it or hate it, Christmas is the one time of year when you are more likely to dig the classic board game out and dust it off for a game. Youngest children will try to get away with cheating, Auntie can't count out the correct money when she is banker (another glass of red, please), Grandpa spends the game in Jail, and Mum relentlessly just keeps on winning. Don't forget the row at the beginning, too, about who gets to play with which piece.

This year Monopoly have launched a telephone helpline designed to avert family rows, so if your Peace & Goodwill is at risk from an argument about rules of the game, give them a call. If tempers should flare brighter than next door's Christmas lights display, look out for drinks being knocked over and the board going out of the window along with your good mood.

If you have ever spilled something on your carpet or rug you'll know that feeling of time slowing down, watching in disbelief as the inevitable happens - the stain spreading, that feeling of panic, the shouts of 'get a cloth' and the upset caused. Have you ever spilled something at a friend's house? You'll be having flashbacks to the embarrassment right now if you have.

A panicked Google search brings up a multitude of different advice and solutions for carpet stains, and of course a different method depending on what you have spilled. Throw this in with well-meaning family members or friends with their bad advice and you are faced with a dilemma. Whose advice do you take? What if your mistake ruins your carpet? Be wary also of some cleaning companies who may use products which can be harmful to yourself, children, pets and the environment - causing allergic reactions, irritation and in some cases severe reactions such as breathing difficulties.

If the unthinkable happens, pick up the phone and call us direct on 01572 722949. We are here to professionally advise on immediate steps you can take, and can treat your carpet stain quickly and expertly. Your expensive carpet need not be ruined by a stain, whether it be from red wine, chocolate, tea, gravy, blood, coffee, paint, inks, grass, oil, pets, or a multitude of other stain causing items.

In addition to carpet cleaning, Elite Rutland provides a range of cleaning services for soft furnishings and upholstery to homes across Rutland servicing Oakham, Uppingham, Stamford, Melton Mobray and everywhere between. These include the cleaning of rugs, curtains, cushions, ottomans, fabric headboards and dining chairs.

We understand that many of your favourite soft furnishings make your home unique, whilst being made of relatively fragile and delicate materials. Therefore, we take time to assess your upholstery and furnishings prior to cleaning to ensure we use the most suitable cleaning processes.

Don't despair, Elite Rutland is just a phone call away - 01572 722949

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