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Quite Interesting in Rutland

What do an English court dwarf, Stephen Fry, earthquakes, and a clean home all have in common? Rutland. Learn some cool facts in our article here:

Imagine it's 1626 and your mate has invited you round for dinner, a lovely pie. Just as you are about to tuck in, the pie bursts open and out jumps a man, 18 inches tall, and dressed in a miniature suit of armour. Oh, and you are also The King of England. I promise this is true. Jeffrey Hudson was born in Oakham, Rutland in 1619 and lived a fascinating life, adored by Queen Henrietta Maria and the subject of several poems of the day.

Rutland is a place of Much In Little, according to its very own Latin motto - Multum in Parvo. If you are lucky enough to live in England's smallest county you might be aware of a certain lover of the Latin language, Stephen Fry. He attended Uppingham School, which is one of England's oldest public schools. National Treasure Mr Fry was described as a "near-asthmatic genius" and managed to get himself expelled from the school in 1972.

As ever in life, in Rutland we take the rough along with the smooth. The earthquake activity over the last few years has seen the people of the area showing their wonderful sense of humour and solidarity in the face of a sometimes-scary event. After an earthquake in 2015, it didn't take long before the jokes and funny pictures started - my favourite was the rubbish bin fallen on its side with the caption "Never Forget".

We all know that in a 2015 study Rutland was named the best rural place to live in Britain. We are enjoying less rainfall than most, a low crime rate, good health, and we're among the happiest people in Britain.

If you don't live here yet, why not? You'll be the envy of your friends if you choose to live on Lyndon Road in Manton, one of the most expensive streets in the East Midlands. If you can't stretch to a house you can currently purchase a little slice of vineyard on the same road for a mere £20,000!

Of course, if you are already lucky enough to have your lovely home or business in Rutland, you are going to want to keep it looking gorgeous and that is where we come in. Now is a fantastic time of year to get everything in order for the coming year, both inside and outside your home. Carpet cleaning is best done regularly, especially if you have pets at this muddy time of year. Sofas, along with soft furnishings, will all benefit from a good clean. Oven cleaning is also a great idea, especially after all the hard work we put our poor ovens through over the holidays! Outside your home, it's worth looking at driveway cleaning, plus a good clean for your patio or decking. Over the winter months these areas can get dangerous and slippery, so let us do the hard work for you.

For commercial premises in the Rutland area, we also offer office cleaning and office furniture cleaning, and for external spaces we can clean block paving and tarmac.

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