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Thinking about selling your house? Curb appeal and how cleaning can get you a quick sale

Two thirds of participants in a recent poll agree that selling and moving house causes more stress than becoming bankrupt or going through a divorce.*1 While there are many factors that can cause anxiety during the moving process, there are others that can help to make selling your home a faster process. Indeed, ensuring that your home is cleaned and well-maintained is one method that attracts attention from potential buyers. In the case of selling a property, first impressions really do count!

Imagine that you are on route to viewing what you believe is your perfect home with the property details in hand. Then imagine, upon arrival, being met with a grimy, lichen covered driveway that, instead of being brick coloured is actually green and slimy. Not only does this create a dismal impression of your home's exterior but brings into question the state of the interior. Elite Rutland's friendly, local team of cleaning experts use the latest equipment to wash and rejuvenate tired looking driveways, patios and even decking. Spending time on the outside of your home can reap benefits. Potential buyers will not only be impressed by the property's exterior, but will also be able to envisage using it themselves, dining alfresco style on the patio or decking in the warmer months.

Similarly, the inside of your home needs to give the appearance of being cared for and clean. If a viewer were to see a large, unnatural stain in the middle of the hallway carpet or be greeted with a musty odour when they walk in through the door, they are likely to feel apprehensive. They will probably wonder about how the house has been treated and even what work they will need to carry out to eradicate such problems. Indeed, Home Owners Alliance has found that 'bad smells are the single biggest turn off for prospective buyers' and advise that the source of the odour is 'fixed' *2

Tackling the above issues will help you to leave viewers with a positive impression which in turn should allow you to make a fast sell. Elite Rutland offers domestic cleaning services that will deep clean your fabric items and upholstery including carpets, sofas, mattresses and curtains. This will not only leave them looking as good as new but will help to eliminate any nasty odours that may be lingering. Using products that are quick-drying and not harmful for pets and children, means that your home can be cleaned efficiently before a viewing and will not leave behind any hazardous or damp smelling fumes. Even smaller details such as clean appliances can leave a lasting impression in the viewer's mind.

The power of first impressions can be underestimated but as Anna Tyzack from The Telegraph newspaper highlights, 'it takes potential buyers no more than eight seconds to decide whether or not they like a house'. Highlighting features such as decking or decorative brickwork adds a kind of charm and personality to the property, something that is also memorable. Other details that will improve your house's kerb appeal include sheltering bins from view, keeping all paths and entrances free from clutter, having a well mown lawn and a tidy arrangement of potted plants.

There are numerous ways in which Elite Rutland can help you to maintain a clean living and business space.

If you are thinking of or are currently selling your home and would like to showcase its potential, Elite Rutland are at hand to help relieve some of the stress of securing a quick house sale. For more information, please phone 01572 722 949 or contact us by email


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